2016. november 26., szombat

20 mm post apoc riders

Started these about a year ago and they have recently became available.
If you are interested in copies, the person who comissioned them has copies to offer:


I also did a few conversions of the cast

2016. november 25., péntek

Pig Beast 28 mm tall

Sculpted this guy for fun.
If you are interested he is for sale with reproduction rights.

2016. június 10., péntek

2016. április 27., szerda

Barbarian, Punks and some more deepones

Two new punks for slow death games:

And a new barbarian for Barbaris Splendor miniatures

 And two more deep ones for CP Models

2015. október 12., hétfő

Deep One 25 mms

This one is around 20 mms to the eyes.
The sculpt is for sale with reproduction rights.